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Video Encoding to IP with ultra low latency.

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Niagara introduceert op NAB de low cost GoStream Mini 100 en de Stand Alone/Open Gear Broadcast Encoder en Decoder.  

eFF and eNGINE Software supports MXF,LXF,GXF,QT,WAV AIFF and all program Loudness standards.

Broadcast - Corporate - Education - Events - Medical - Mobile - News - Post Production - Sports - Rental

All-in-one IPTV quality

probe combining video

image and transport

metrics analysis

Flexible Architecture

The Avenue Multiviewer accepts all standard SD, HD and 3 Gb/s video formats. The MV82 has 8 source inputs and 2 outputs, the MV164 has 16 source inputs and 4 outputs. Outputs can be genlocked and timed with respect to house reference. 1080i or 1080p SDI are output at 59.94 or 50 Hz. When you need to drive an HDMI video monitor, use a BrightEye 81 SDI to HDMI converter at the monitor.

Quick and easy configuration: From your PC, Mac or iPad, drag and drop resources to allocate the number of sources to be output on each Multiviewer screen. Example configurations shown above.