XVTec Extreme Video IP Encoders/Decoders

File Based Loudness Compliance Software.

Video Encoding to IP with ultra low latency.

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Niagara introduceert op NAB de low cost GoStream Mini 100 en de Stand Alone/Open Gear Broadcast Encoder en Decoder.  

eFF and eNGINE Software supports MXF,LXF,GXF,QT,WAV AIFF and all program Loudness standards.

Broadcast - Corporate - Education - Events - Medical - Mobile - News - Post Production - Sports - Rental

All-in-one IPTV quality

probe combining video

image and transport

metrics analysis

BrightEye 83-H brochure mei2016.pdf

HDCP Muting licentie beschikbaar voor professionele toepassingen.

BrightEye NXT 410 Operational Information.pdf

HDMI HDCP oplossingen voor Broadcasters en Professionals

Ensemble Designs introduceert drie producten voor HDMI-HDCP toepassingen uit de BrightEye serie voor de professionele gebruiker.

BrightEye BE-83-H   HDMI to 3G/HD/SD SDI  Converter with HDCP

BrightEye BEM-4-H Mitto Pro 2 with HDCP

BrightEye NXT 410-H  Clean HDMI HDCP SDI Router with Up / Down / Cross Conversion,

Picture-in-Picture and Dual Path.

Guaranteed to work perfectly with your GoPro camera HDMI to SDI (3G/HD/SD formats supported)

Use with Cameras and Other Sources that have an HDMI output

Passes Embedded Audio

Supports HDCP Encrypted Content

The Scan Converter that works with all sources, including HDCP !