XVTec Extreme Video IP Encoders/Decoders

File Based Loudness Compliance Software.

Video Encoding to IP with ultra low latency.

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Niagara introduceert op NAB de low cost GoStream Mini 100 en de Stand Alone/Open Gear Broadcast Encoder en Decoder.  

eFF and eNGINE Software supports MXF,LXF,GXF,QT,WAV AIFF and all program Loudness standards.

Broadcast - Corporate - Education - Events - Medical - Mobile - News - Post Production - Sports - Rental

All-in-one IPTV quality

probe combining video

image and transport

metrics analysis

Major Motorsport broadcaster uses Microvideo for failsafe and flexible graphics.


Broadcasting to 527 million people across 58 countries, feeding 120 channels in 37 languages, this application is certainley unique.

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Other Projects


Viacom implement Microvideo X31 control system to manage remote sites

Multiple control signals for each territory are inserted into the programme material prior to being uplinked to various countries in the…

Audio Watermarking


Copyright protection, real-time audience participation, 2nd screen applications and audience monitoring are just some of the applications utilizing the Intrasonics audio watermarking technology.

What is audio watermarking? Audio watermarking is a system to embed data into audio streams that can then be decoded via a listening device such as a smartphone.

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